Lithuanian ancestry tours of Lithuania

Unique tailor-made tours of Lithuania that allow you to trace the steps of your ancestors and more!

Tell us where in Lithuania are your ancestors from and we will bring you to those places! A guide will tell you the history of those places and how your forefathers may have lived.

You don’t know the places or want to know more about your forefathers? We may do a Lithuanian archive search before your travel!

The tour is personal. There would be no additional people in the group except for you and your family/friends. The tour may begin at any convenient time.

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The price depends on the duration and distance. Contact us to get a quote.

Lithuanian heritage tour includes

The hometowns of your forefathers.
The church or synagogue that your forefathers would pray at.
The cemeteries where your forefathers were buried.
The market square or shops your forefathers bought or sold goods at.
The houses where your forefathers lived at.
The entertainment places that your forefathers used.
The school or university where your forefathers studied at.
A museum of your forefather’s hometown or home region.
A museum describing the times your forefathers left Lithuania and lifestyles common back then.
A restaurant where you could taste meals popular among people like your forefathers at the time they emigrated.
• If your forefathers belonged to some ethnic or religious minority, a museum of the particular minority may also be visited.

Note: the tour may only visit towns that you know about. However, even if you don’t know particular locations within these towns, our specialists will do the best to guess them, or show you the likely alternatives (e.g. if there is just a single house of worship of your family faith in the town, it was almost certainly the house of worship your forefathers visited).

Additionally, if you want to learn more about your Lithuanian forefathers before visiting Lithuania, we may conduct an archive search or research your genealogy and then base the tour on the newly-discovered data.

While Lithuanians are known to protect their heritage, some historic buildings, unfortunately, have been lost to wars and occupations. Should some of the locations related to your forefathers be no longer available, we do our best to compensate that by visiting the former sites of such buildings, showing you the historic images, and visiting comparable locations in the neighboring towns.

Additional possibilities:
• You may visit the Lithuanian archives yourself with our guide and out specialists may continue the research after you leave.
• Our lawyers may help you restore Lithuanian citizenship based on the ancestry, or get a Lithuanian residence permit (if you’d become interested).

  • A wooden Lithuanian village church

What will you learn

• How did your forefathers live before emigrating from Lithuania?
• What were the jobs and likely pastimes of your forefathers?
• What were the economic conditions and demography of Lithuania at the time?
• Why did people emigrate from Lithuania at the time your forefathers left?

The tour is available in English, Lithuanian, French, and Russian.

The Lithuanian Heritage tour starts at your hotel, airport or any other convenient location.

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