Kaunas Private Walking tour

3 hours of whole downtown Kaunas! From the Medieval Old town to the heart of interwar Lithuania

Price: Only 129 Euro! (for the whole group)

The tour is personal. There would be no additional people in the group except for you and your family/friends. The tour may begin at any convenient time.

Order at tour.baltic@gmail.com

Kaunas had numerous periods of importance: a medieval merchant city, one of four key fortress- cities of the Russian Empire, a temporary capital of interwar Lithuanian Republic, the “most Lithuanian town” in the whole USSR…. This tour is the only one to show all the faces of this city!

All of Kaunas tour includes

• The medieval Old Town with its castle, gothic churches, City Hall and homes of the Hanseatic Medieval merchants.
• The hub of massive Russian fortress that transformed entire Kaunas into a military city after the Napoleon invasion. This part includes an opulent Orthodox church, the officers building and more.
• The Golden Age Kaunas from the era it served as the capital of Lithuania (1920s-1930s), with its massive government buildings, cultural sites, funiculars and churches, all imbibed in the interwar art styles.
• And more…


• A visit to various museums (for an additional price).
• Car trip to the forts of Kaunas (for an additional price).
• Car trip to Pažaislis monastery, a gem of northern Baroque (for an additional price).

Additionally, the tour can be tailor-made, with any sights replaced by other ones as per your wishes and interests.

  • Interwar ministry of justice

What will you learn

• Why was Kaunas first a castle attacked by many of future European rulers (including King of England) and later a favorite trading spot for Medieval Hanseatic merchants?
• How many forts had the Russian Tsar constructed around Kaunas and how did they succeed to prepare for the First World War? Why was Kaunas fortress the last such fortress to be built and why did it survive so well?
• How was a small town on the confluence of rivers Nemunas and Neris transformed into a European capital in some 10 years?
• What were the rites of the elite in the interwar Golden Age Kaunas?
• How did Kaunas fare in the Soviet Union and how did its people challenge the regime?
• And more…

The tour is available in English, Polish, Russian and Lithuanian languages

The tour starts at the main square (Rotušės aikštė) or, should you wish so, at any other convenient location along the main axis of Downtown Kaunas, such as your hotel.

Order this tour at tour.baltic@gmail.com

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