Kaunas Pažaislis Monastery Private Tour (By Car)

3 hours of Kaunas suburban gems: from one of Europe’s greatest Baroque monasteries to Russian Imperial forts

Price: Only 159 Euro! (for the whole group)

The tour is personal. There would be no additional people in the group except for you and your family/friends. The tour may begin at any convenient time.

Order at tour.baltic@gmail.com

Kaunas is so much more than its center!

This car tour of its suburbs may be ordered separately or combined with any of the walking tours of Kaunas.

Kaunas Pažaislis tour includes

Pažaislis monastery church, a hexagonal domed masterpiece of architecture, designed by Italian architects Puttini and Frediani.
• Serene tree-lined entrance avenue to the monastery.
• Impressive Cloisters of the monastery.
• A stop in the 6th fort, part of an enormous authentic fortress built by the Russian Imperial Forces that once subsumed the entire city of Kaunas.
Kaunas reservoir, the largest reservoir in Lithuania and a popular location for swimming and water sports.
• And more…

Optional (included in price):

• A side-trip to Petrašiūnai cemetery, where the elite of Kaunas is buried, including world-famous semiotic Algirdas Julien Greimas and archeologist/mythology researcher Marija Gimbutas.
• A stop at a line of wooden crosses spontaneously erected by Kaunas inhabitants in the early 1990s celebrating the freedom of Lithuania.

Additionally, the tour can be tailor-made, with any sights replaced by other ones as per your wishes and interests.

  • Pažaislis monastery church

What will you learn

• What foreign artists and craftsmen decorated the glory of Pažaislis?
• What was the life in Pažaislis monastery when it was built?
• How massive was the far-reaching influence of Pažaislis owners and builders?
• How were the buildings used by the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, both of which had the monastery closed?
• What was the life within Kaunas as it was turned into a Russian fortress city?
• How was Pažaislis restored after Lithuanian independence and how the nuns are living there today?
• And more…

The tour is available in English, Polish, Russian and Lithuanian languages

The tour starts at the main square (Rotušės aikštė) or, should you wish so, at any other convenient location in Kaunas, such as your hotel.

Order this tour at tour.baltic@gmail.com

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