Kaunas Old Town private tour

3 hours of magnificent gothic buildings, Kaunas castle, main square and the confluence of Lithuania’s top rivers

Price: Only 129 Euro! (for the whole group)

The tour is private. There would be no additional people in the group except for you and your family/friends. The tour may begin at any convenient time and location.

Order at tour.baltic@gmail.com

A medieval district with impressive churches, cobbled streets, merchant townhouses from the 1400s, and a variety of lively street cafes. Surrounded by the two largest Lithuanian rivers with a castle in-between – it is an attractive place to spend time both for tourists and locals.

Kaunas Old Town tour includes

Gothic churches and townhouses of medieval merchants.
Kaunas Medieval Castle dating from mid-14th century.
Main square with the historic City Hall.
Main pedestrian street full of nice buildings and cafes, offering both local and foreign cuisines.
• Impressive Kaunas Cathedral, a 600-year-old largest Gothic building in Lithuania
Embankment of Nemunas, Lithuania’s mightiest and longest river.
Panorama of the Old Town from above (optional).
• And more…

We also offer tailor-made tours: if you want to see different sights, just tell us.

  • Gothic church

What will you learn

• Why was Kaunas a favorite trading spot for Medieval European merchants?
• Why did once-pagan Lithuanian leaders build so many churches?
• How did Kaunas castle fare against the foreign invaders?
• Why did it take two weeks to pass the bridge over Nemunas?
• And more…

The tour is available in English, Polish, Russian, and Lithuanian languages

The tour starts at the main square (Rotušės aikštė) or, should you wish so, at any other convenient location near the Kaunas Old Town, such as your hotel.

Order this tour at tour.baltic@gmail.com

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